You don’t have to do this alone, Aang.  


The ABC's of Avatar: The Last Airbender 

This avatar side blog has been going strong for about 2 years now and somehow I reached 4,000+ followers a couple weeks ago! For me, this is a pretty big accomplishment so I wanted to do something different to celebrate. Instead of making icons, a follow forever, psd packs, etc, I decided to make this. A gif set that captures the essence of Avatar: The Last Airbender, a show we all fell in love with almost 10 years ago and still love to this day. Avatar was such a big part of my childhood and it feels like all I’ve done is blink and now I’m an adult starting college this fall! But ya know what? I’m ready to start my own grand adventure and who knows, maybe I’ll end up changing the world like my buddy Aang. (;

To all my lovely followers, this one’s for you! 


"I have to find my own path as the Avatar." (art credit: x)

“You can’t knock me down!” - Katara (requested by finch


Things from the trailer that we still haven’t seen



I used to resist the whole "Su is working with the Red Lotus" idea at first but when I rewatched last episode I noticed a few things.

This is Aiwei when he was going to question Su


His eyes are worrying me. The way he moves them. Seems like we has thinking: "Oh, shit, they are going to find out. No wait, I can lie and tell them she is saying the truth".

And this is Su after the Krew revealed that Aiwei was the traitor.


Those fucking eyes, again. She’s planning her act.

This may sound stupid to you but we all know how Bryke likes to do this kind of stuff. They both seem pretty suspicious. Like, remember in Atla when Ozai’s Angels disguise herselves as the Kyoshi Warriors and Azula says to the king:

"It’s terrible when you can’t trust the people who are closest to you."

For a really tiny moment, you can see Ty Lee and Mai looking at eachother, foreshadowing their betrayment in ‘The Boiling Rock’.


some quick LOK doodles after watching the latest eps that I’ll maybe digitalize(?) when I get back home.


woman? is that meant to insult me?


Voice Actors and Actresses from Avatar The Last Airbender who came back with new characters in The Legend of Korra.






Grey Delisle.  Occupation: Voice Actress, Singer/Songwriter, Tumblr Queen.   These characters are only a sample of  her talented voice acting career.      

oh my god! my whole childhood, its been her?! 

grey delisle also known as the cartoon redhead

but oh my god i remember dante basco had her do some voice acting for vriska

Oh my god he did, and I found it and it’s fantastic

Specially made prison cells for benders

Inspired by (x)


Coming soon on The Legend of Korra.
Trailer 1, Trailer 2.


Scars given by their relatives.